Cranston Residents Association

Brookfield Community Tool Library & Outdoor Equipment Library


Do you have a home project, but don’t have the right tools to do the job? Looking for a fun actitivty to with with friends and family? Stop by Century Hall and borrow the tools you need or the outdoor equipment- FOR FREE!

How does the Tool & Equipment Library Work?

1- Browse through the full list of tools on our Tool Library Site
2- Create an account on the Tool Library Site *must have a valid Century Hall Membership Card.
3- Check in at the Front Desk at Century Hall. Just let them know you’re here to borrow some tools or equipment.
4- A staff member will meet you at the Tool Shed/Equipment Trailer to briefly cover safety and instructions as required, and to complete the check out process.
5- Take the tools/equipment home, use them in a safe manner!
6- When you are returning the tools, check in at the front desk.
7- Meet a staff member at the Tool Shed/Equipment Trailer with the tools/equipment.
8- We hope you enjoy your freshly tiled bathroom / newly landscaped yard / clean drain spouts…paddleboard experience, kayak adventure, and/or rollerblading!

Tool & Outdoor Equipment Library Hours

Monday – Sunday 12:00pm – 6:00pm