Community Maintenance

In addition to maintaining Century Hall and connecting park, the Cranston Residents Association provides additional landscape maintenance in many areas within the community.

This includes:

  • Maintaining several medians and boulevards throughout the community of Cranston
  • Decorative Corners
  • The Art Park
  • The Windmill 
  • The Riverstone Gazebo
  • Agreements with Brookfield Residential to maintain various parks and pathways throughout the community until they are turned over to the City of Calgary

To see information about snow clearing along city sidewalks and pathways see the City of Calgary website here:

City of Calgary’s Good Neighbour Practices Reference Guide: an overview of frequently referenced bylaws which set a minimum standard for neighbourhoods and help to ensure all Calgarians live in safe, clean and healthy communities.

Below are the 2021-2022 Snow Clearing and Summer Landscaping maps:


Need More Information? Maintenance & Landscaping Services Provided by the Cranston Residents Association