Cranston Residents Association

Century Hall Forms

Use this form to update Century Hall for changes in contact information, mailing address and to notify of a Property Manager


Membership Card Application

Use this form to update Century Hall of all occupants in your home. All members 10 years and older will need to come into Century Hall to receive their Cranston Residents Association membership card.


Add a Family Member

Use this form to update Century Hall of your new family member(s).


Transferring Century Hall Privileges to Renters

This form is for Landlords who would like to transfer their privileges to allow tenants the opportunity to access Century Hall’s open gym and park access as well as the resident rates for programs and rentals. Please note that online access is not transferable. The Property owner is responsible to pay the annual Resident Association fee.


Day Home Provider Card Request Form

If you run your own day home in Cranston and would like to bring your day home children please complete this form and receive your free Day Home Provider Card. This card must be presented when you check into the facility. The Day Home Provider Card must be renewed annually by August 31st.


Childcare Provider Card Request Form

Do you have an out of town relative or a non-resident childcare provider looking after your children? Complete this form and obtain a temporary card for your child care provided that will allow them to bring your children to the facility and park. These cards are valid for two (2) months.

Lawyer Forms


All Re-Sales in Cranston are required to submit an HOA Fee Request Form (For use by Law offices only)

New Builds

For new builds please email: [email protected] with the following information:

Purchaser Name(s):

Municipal Address:

Lot, Block, and Plan:

Possession Date: