Century Hall Facility Information & Schedules

General Information

The Cranston Residents Association offers facility access privileges to residents of whom are in good standing with the association. Facility use is for personal and leisure use only, with the exception of designated rental opportunities which are outlined under our Rental section on the website.

No Tolerance Policy- Bullying, Harassment and Violence

The Cranston Residents Association has a ‘no tolerance policy’ for bullying, harassment and violence of any kind. Whether you are an adult, child, youth, guest or non-resident user, these types of behaviours’ are not acceptable and could result in your suspension, including the removal of your privileges in accessing Resident Association owned property, events and programming.

General Rules

  • Smoking is not permitted in Century Hall or within the park space.
  • The possession of, and/or consumption of any alcohol and/or illegal substance is NOT permitted in the park and amenities.
  • Animals are not permitted in the park.
  • Open fires and personal BBQs are not permitted.
  • Anyone found damaging or vandalizing CRA property may be required to make full restitution to the Century Hall Facility.
  • The use of profanity and foul language in the Century Hall Facility and/or Park Amenities and unsafe behaviour will not be tolerated.
  • Motorized remote control driven planes, vehicles, drones and such are not permitted on CRA property.
  • CRA does not provide any supervision in the Century Hall Facility and/or Park Amenities.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children under the age of ten (10) at all times.
  • Please watch your children to ensure they are acting/or playing in a safe and cooperative manner.
  • No person shall at anytime discharge, deposit, throw, dump, or place any trash or debris of any kind whatsoever (including, without limitation, any toxic or dangerous substance or material), all of which are strictly prohibited at all times.

Hours of Operation

  • Sunday to Saturday, 9am-9pm with the exception of stat holidays where operational hours change to 10am-6pm.

Amenity Schedules

  • Amenity schedules change by session and can be found below
  • The Cranston Residents Association reserves the right to change operational policies and facility/amenity use schedules at any time and without notice
  • Amenity schedules change in regards to stat holiday hours and services offered

Facility Access

  • You must present your card (or picture copy) every time you access the facility, no card no access
  • You cannot use an access card that is not your own (ex, sibling, parent, friend)

0-9 years old– Require supervision to access the facility. Anyone (16+) with a facility access card is allowed to accompany this age group

10-17 years old– Required to have their own individual access card. A parent of legal guardian will need to accompany the youth to get their card the first time and sign off on the code of conduct

18+ years old– Required to have their own individual access card

Guest Policy

The Cranston Residents Association allows access to the facility for resident guests as per below:

  • Adult Residents- up to (5) guests per household, per day
  • Youth Residents attending alone (10-17yrs)- up to (2) guests per day
  • Guests are defined as individuals who do not live in the Cranston community

Facility Drop-in rates

The Cranston Residents Association offers drop-in rates for non-residents. Drop-in rates may apply to some drop-in programs, such as badminton and pickleball where no resident guests are permitted due to popularity.

Large Group Bookings/Drop-in’s

  • The Cranston Residents Association does not offer large group bookings at this time in amenity spaces.
  • Amenity spaces are for personal and leisure use only, we do not permit bookings, reservations or rentals of these spaces. Amenity spaces are to be shared with everyone, where one group is not overtaking the space and impacting the experience of other users
  • All rental requests must fall within the rental packages outlined online and approved by the Rental Manager

Please note: The Cranston Residents Association reserves the right to change operational policies and facility/amenity use schedules at any time and without notice.


Skating Rink

Splash Park

The Splash Park is Closed for the season.

Skate Park

The Skate Park is now Closed for the season.

Skate Park Rules

All skate park users must complete a one time waiver prior to using the skate park. A parent or guardian must fill out a waiver for users under the age of 18. Waivers are found below OR a hard copy can be filled out at Century Hall.

Helmets are mandatory.

No bikes permitted. Scooters are allowed.

No wheels outside of the skatepark.

Youth (0- 17 years) Skatepark Waiver

Adult (18+) Skatepark Waiver

Outdoor Tennis Courts

The outdoor tennis courts will remain open as long as weather permits.