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Cranston Residents Association

Residents Association

Century Hall is your Residents Association

The Cranston Residents Association (Cranston RA) is a not-for- profit company that is professionally managed and operated. In addition to the wide variety of recreational and event programming, we are responsible for maintenance of many of the community features, including entry ways and boulevards, the Century Hall facility and park amenities. Membership in the Residents Association is mandatory for residents and fees are collected annually in April.

Century Hall is Not a Community Association

Community Associations are volunteer organizations, established with support by the City, and are dependent upon sponsorship and fundraising in order to operate. Community Associations are known to be involved in organized minor sports such as soccer, baseball and hockey, as well as being the political voice of the community. Community Associations work with city officials in establishing social policies, they are the voice of residents if playground zone areas are required, speed zone reductions are requested, issues arise regarding signage control and other potential community safety issues. Membership to the Community Association is voluntary and could involve members from several different communities. For more information about the Cranston Community Association, visit their website at www.cranstonca.com.