Cranston Residents Association

Rental Policies

Advanced Booking

Residents can book a maximum of 1 year in advance. Bookings for a full year in advance can be

booked on the 1st of the month of the previous year – see example below

Ex: Want to book your wedding for August 12 2023? Your booking would be accepted as of August 1 2022.

Brookfield Community members can book a maximum of 11 months in advance. Bookings for a full 11 months in advance can be booked

on the 1st of the month, 11 months prior – see example below

Ex: Want to book your wedding for August 12 2023? Your booking would be accepted as of September 1 2022.

Non-Residents can book a maximum of 10 months in advance. Bookings for a full 10 months in advance can be booked

on the 1st of the month, 10 months prior – see example below

Ex: Want to book your wedding for August 12 2023? Your booking would be accepted as of October 1 2022.

Temporary Bookings/Holds

Are not permitted. Bookings are on a first come first served basis.

Securing your Rental Booking

In order to secure your booking we require:

  • Signature on Rental Contract
  • Full payment
  • Damage Deposit – this can be done by cheque or credit card
  • Proof of Insurance – Home Owner Insurance – (Providers Name, Policy Number, Expiry date)

These items are due within seven (7) days from the date your contract is written.

Failure to provide all four items listed above will result in the booking being cancelled.


  • Renter acknowledges the Cranston Resident Association (Cranston RA) DOES NOT provide any insurance coverage for the Renter’s participants or activities. The Renter agrees to save, indemnify and to hold the Cranston RA harmless from any legal liability for Bodily Injury or Property Damage arising by, or as a result of, the use and occupancy by the Renter of the facilities. The Renter further agrees to waive any right to recover against the Cranston RA for loss or damage incurred to the Cranston RA property during the term of this agreement.
  • Renter is fully responsible for insurance protection of them and their guest user against any bodily injury or property damage arising from their activities in renting the Cranston RA facility. The Renter has provided proof of either Personal Property & Liability Insurance (for individual/group Renter), special events insurance or Commercial General Liability insurance (for business, corporation and institution).

Insurance information must be provided to the Cranston Residents Association. If this is not received your event will be automatically cancelled, no refund will be provided.

Rentals with alcohol are required to provide the following items:

  • Liquor Permit,
  • Party Alcohol Liability (PAL) Insurance – or 403-261-3900

It is your responsibility to follow the guidelines on your Liquor Permit. (For more information see Alcohol is permitted only in the room(s) rented in your contract and the kitchen.

Alcohol is prohibited in all common areas including but not exclusive to: the balcony, washrooms, lobby and parking lot.

Rentals using Third Party Contractors/Vendors (caterers, bartenders, event planners. etc.)

  • Provide a Certificate of Insurance from each vendor and where possible have the Cranston Residents Association listed as additional insured.
  • Event Planners must be listed as the alternate contact on the contract
  • Third Party Vendors have access ot the room as outline din the Rental Contract. early access is not permitted and all vendor items must be removed by the end o the rental contract.

Rentals using musical entertainment; includes but not limited to: live music, recorded music, DJ, iPod, MP3 player, Stereo etc.

  • There are mandatory government tariffs, ReSound and Socan fees are applicable to all Rentals using music for background and dancing.
  • Renters are responsible to provide their own sound system and microphone if required for their event.

Noise Bylaw

  • At 10:00pm all Heritage Hall windows and balcony doors must be closed.
  • Volume must be turned down to a respectful level.
  • Any costs associated with noise complaints will be invoiced to the renter.

Rentals Requiring Security

  • All rentals occurring between 10pm and 1am require a Security Guard at $150.00 flat rate fee.
  • Renter or designated alternate contact is required to meet Security at 8:45pm at the front desk.
  • Renter or designated alternate contact is required to complete the post-rental inspection with the Security Guard.

Cancellation – Must be received in writing – email [email protected]

  • 75% refund – written request received more than 3 months prior to the rental date
  • 50% refund – written request received between 1 to 3 months prior to the rental date
  • No refund – written request received less than 1 month prior to the rental date

Changes to Rental Agreements

  • Must be done in writing to [email protected]
  • Must be submitted two weeks in advance
  • $20.00 administrative fee applies.

Day of Booking:

  • Renter must check in at the front desk and complete a pre-rental walk through inspection.
  • Renter must comply with the rules of the Cranston Residents Association.
  • Renter (or designated alternate) must complete a post-rental walk through inspection; failure to complete the post-rental walk through inspection will result in waiver of your ability to dispute any damages and or corresponding penalties.

Facility Restrictions:

  • Your group is restricted to the room(s) specified on your rental contract. Your group is not permitted to use the park or the gymnasium during your rental.
  • Century Hall is a smoke free facility. A designated smoking area is located by the bike racks only.(City of Calgary smoking bylaw#57M92). Littered cigarette butts are subject to a $75.00 penalty charge.
  • Items are not to be hung, draped or attached to the ceiling beams in Heritage Hall
  • Scotch tape, nails, tacks and staples are prohibited when decorating. Violation results in a $50.00 penalty.
  • Failure to remove all decorations including masking tape or painters tape used to adhere decorations will result in a $50.00 penalty.
  • No open flame candles are permitted as per Calgary Fire Department Regulations.

Facility Access:

  • All set up and clean up time must be included in the total time you want access to the facility as indicated on the contract. Early access is not permitted. If you need more time arrangements must be made in written at least 3 days in advance to [email protected].
  • This includes the delivery of any rented items for your event including but not limited to: chairs, equipment, catering items etc.
  • All clean up must be concluded before the ending time indicated on the contract including the removal of all decorations, food, drinks and rented items. All garbage, recycling and compostable items must be placed in the appropriate waste bins.
  • There is a $50.00 per every 15 minutes late penalty.
  • All rentals exceeding 8:30pm are also subject to the appropriate mandatory teardown fee for the room rented.

Kitchen Access:

  • The kitchen may be used for storing, serving, reheating only.
  • Kitchen is equipped with a household stove, apartment size chest freezer and a double door glass cooler fridge.
  • All place settings, glass ware, serving dishes and table linens will need to be rented or arranged through your caterer.
  • Kitchen is a shared space. Individual bookings do not have exclusive access.

Mandatory Fees:

In addition to the hourly room rate the following mandatory fees may apply:

  • Teardown fee for all rentals ending at 8:30pm or later (based on room) price range: $50.00-$125.00
  • Security Guard for all rentals staying between 10pm and 1am: $150.00
  • Socan and Re:Sound – applicable to all rentals using musical entertainment (based on room size and activities).


Violation of the Cranston Residents Association rules will result but in but is not limited to the following penalty charges:

  • Late Departure penalty: $50.00/15 minutes plus any applicable teardown fee
  • Littered cigarette butts: $75.00
  • False Fire Alarm: $250.00 plus any associated charges
  • Damaged Chairs: $80.00 per chair
  • Damaged Tables: $400.00 per table
  • Decorating violations: $50.00
  • All NSF cheques will be charged: $50.00 NSF fee
  • Non-Compliance: as determined by Management


Cranston Residents Association (Cranston RA)/Security Personnel reserves the right to shut down any event if at any time there is any unacceptable behaviour by the renter and/or any of their guests that cannot be resolved immediately. Verbal or physical abuse towards any Cranston RA staff, members or Security Guard will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Police may be called and any future rentals will be null and void without refund.

Management Rights:

Management has the right to cancel any rental contract if it is found that the renter and or purpose of the rental has been misrepresented in any way without refund and may impact the ability for future bookings. Management also reserves the right to change this contract and pricing without notice.